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EMO NFT has been initiated and distributed!

The EMO NFT collection has been created, and we’ve finally distributed initial NFTs! These NFTs play an important role in Open Emoji Battler, an on-chain game development project. Let’s go into the details:


EMOs are emoji units for gameplay that are built into decks and fight for players.

EMO NFT is built on a Statemine blockchain. Statemine is a common good parachain on Kusama and is home to assets (FTs/NFTs). Most other blockchains don’t have built-in features specifically for NFTs, so NFTs are deployed in the form of smart contracts. Contrary to that, Statemine can handle assets natively, so it’s more efficient (in exchange for flexibility.) Assets on Statemine are in the XCM universe, and such interoperability is one reason we love the Polkadot ecosystem. You could say EMO NFTs are ecosystem native.

The metadata and image of EMO NFT are entirely on Statemine. These data are directly recorded on the chain permanently, and they can be read without centralized servers. The most intrinsic value of crypto is that not depend on a trusted third party, and this project supports the concept. EMO NFTs are the first fully on-chain NFTs on the whole Statemine and Statemint.

The SVG image of EMO NFT is an ultimate minimum, text-based format representing emoji. It points to an emoji character data, and your system accordingly shows it in their font. It’s simple and on-chain, so it’s easy to integrate as a building component.

Initial Airdrop

To express our appreciation to the community, EMO NFTs have been sent to those who played the game well and previous event participants. Thank you for waiting long! The target addresses and corresponding EMOs are here.

  • On-chain player data:
    • The targets are addresses that had ever scored 1025 EP or above on PrototypeNet before the snapshot time (2022-05-20 00:00 UTC) OR had gotten 3rd or greater on Shibuya before the snapshot time (2022-05-24 00:00 UTC).
    • EMO: :sauropod:
  • Airdrop and giveaway in the last year
    • detail
    • EMO:
      • Gameplay: :lollipop:
      • Twitter: :sauropod:
      • RMRK: :exploding_head:
      • Unique: :package:

These distributed NFTs can be found on an explorer, Statescan. To see your page, transform your account address into Kusama format if it’s not, then fill it in https://statemine.statescan.io/account/YOURADDRESS?tab=nft, and visit the URL.

EMO NFTs aren’t integrated with gameplay yet. Their game parameters will be based on the current prototype, but we might adjust them before release.

You couldn’t get one this time? No worries, more chances will come!

Future outlook

We’re planning various updates for EMO NFTs. Let’s take a peek at it. Keep in mind the plans today are subject to change.

Two kinds of EMOs will be usable for deck building: Original and Replica. Original EMOs are what we’re talking about in this post, the EMO NFTs. Replica EMOs are in-game, non-transferable EMOs. They both can have the same emoji, and the abilities are basically the same, but the attack/health of Original EMOs is higher a little. So using Original EMOs could be an advantage depending on the situation. Players can get Replica EMOs easily through gameplay.

Also, EMOs will be able to get merged. Players can combine multiple EMOs into one to get a higher attack/health EMO.

Furthermore, we’ll use EMO NFTs as voting power for the governance of this project. The governance can be considered a metagame.

That was a quick overview of EMO NFTs. It is only the beginning for Open Emoji Battler. Development won’t stop, and our next milestone is to have a game event round.

Thank you for joining us, and keep an eye out for this project!

Big thanks to Statescan for supporting the on-chain metadata.