Launch on Shiden Network

Finally, we have deployed Open Emoji Battler on Shiden Network. To celebrate the launch, we have our first game event round with a 10,000 SDN prize pool. This post explains the event and how to participate.

Shiden Network is the only production blockchain with a Wasm smart-contract environment (pallet-contracts) in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem at this point. We have developed a fully on-chain game taking advantage of Wasm. Our advanced game mechanics couldn’t be realized on EVM because of the computation complexity.

For those who are not familiar, Open Emoji Battler is a decentralized autonomous gaming project. The front end works on web browsers. Learn more in this article.

This event starts now and finishes at 2022-09-25 00:00 UTC.


When players complete games, they get rating scores called EP. The leaderboard shows the top 100 players in the best EP. Players on the final leaderboard will get prizes based on their ranks.

The rewards are as follows:

  • Top 100: SDN
    • The 1st place reward is 600 SDN. The full reward table is here.
  • Top 3: EMO NFT
    • EMO: :sauropod:
    • chain: Statemine

We’ll send these rewards after the event from our treasury.

When multiple players have the same EP, the player who scores the EP later places a higher rank.

If you want to show your name instead of your address on the leaderboard, you can set an identity on Kusama. The leaderboard shows the display name field. You need 0.034 KSM (lock and transaction fee) to set it. Judgment from registrars is not required.


Anyone can participate in this event, but you need a small amount of SDN to cover transaction fees. 1 SDN (≈ 0.36 USD) is enough for dozens of games. You can also try the game without SND or a browser extension, but you won’t be eligible for the leaderboard.

Please refer to this guide to learn how to play, and access the game from our website.

For those who played this game before, here are the changes from our previous prototype version.

  • Each player’s EP newly starts from 300.
  • Rival’s initial healths change depending on the player’s EP. While the player’s EP is low, the rival’s health is deducted.
  • The higher player’s EP, the smaller the EP increase.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • New EMOs:
type emoji grade attack/health ability
Food :meat_on_bone: 3 40/20 When this EMO is set, this gains +20/+10 for each Food EMO on the board.
Food :sushi: 6 800/10
Human :lying_face: 1 10/20 At the start of a shop phase, gain +10/+0.
Human :zipper_mouth_face: 2 40/10 Shield ▣
Human :alien: 3 20/20 At the start of a shop phase, give adjacent EMOs of different types +10/+10.
Object :billed_cap: 1 10/40 When this EMO is sold, give left Object EMO +10/+10.
  • Updated EMOs (old => new):
    • :takeout_box: ability: +10/+10 => +10/+20
    • :lollipop: ability: +100 => +150
    • :butterfly: ability: two :bug: => one :bug:
    • :cat2: grade: 2 => 3, stats: 20/30 => 20/10, ability: +30 => +20
    • :dragon: ability: +20/+10 => +20/+20
    • :shell: stats: 20/30 => 40/60
    • :sunglasses: ability +30/+40 => +40/+40
    • :rofl: stats: 50/30 => 70/30
    • :gem: ability: 1 coin => 2 coins
  • You can see the complete list of data on the EMOs page.


  • The active contributor (@tash_2s) joins and plays this event as well. But, if they get leaderboard rewards, they will return them to the treasury.
  • Because of the nature of the decentralized and permissionless world, using bots isn’t prevented. However, it’s nearly impossible to develop bots stronger than humans within this event period, so there’s no significant impact.
  • Have fun! See you in the game.

Here are the source-code changes made for this.

:crown: The first event round of Open Emoji Battler has come to an end. Thank you for playing! That was fun! The rewards have been sent to players. :two_hearts:

This round newly introduced a leaderboard. The competition among top rankers was stunning. :flushed: The SDN and NFT rewards were sent based on the ranks. The final leaderboard is here. :medal_sports:

The Wasm smart contract has processed over 8000 transactions. We confirmed the feasibility and advantage of the new technology. :mechanical_arm:

Also, we’ve found many things to improve. You’ll see a smoother and more fun experience in the future version. :person_juggling:

The reward period is finished, but players can continue playing the game with the same leaderboard. :name_badge: Note that no further rewards will come to this leaderboard. Stay tuned for the update!