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Quarterly Update: 2022 Q1 to Q2

Time flies, and the first quarter of 2022 has finished. So let’s recap what we’ve done and see our current state to move on to the second quarter. :dash:

First Birthday :birthday:

It’s almost a year since Open Emoji Battler was revealed! This project could not grow without the community. Thank you for your continuous support!

Since the soft launch, we’ve been on a journey to become a decentralized game that is built ground up by the community. The player-owned game is coming.

We believe a fun gameplay experience is essential for sustainable blockchain games. So we have a playable prototype from day one, contrary to games rushing to sales without gameplay info.

I’m looking forward to seeing the project evolve further.

Quarter Updates :golf:

In 2022-Q1, we developed Wasm smart contracts for our game. The Wasm contract in the Polkadot ecosystem is fast-evolving technology, but we kept up with it and have deployed our contracts to Shibuya, a testnet of Shiden and Astar. (Behind the scenes, I dealt with accounting and tax tasks too for our treasury which was not so simple, but it’s a long story. :shushing_face:)

We keep building on Q2 and further. We’ll mint and distribute NFT, starting from targeting the previous event participants. Note that the gameplay integration of NFT will take some more time. Also, we’ll have our first gameplay round event with SDN prizes.

Treasury Report: 2022-Q1 :balance_scale:

Continuing from last time, we have inflow from Shiden dApp staking reward, and expenses mainly for the tax and maintenance cost.

This data is based on Apr 11.

In total, we have 40623 SDN, 10769 aUSD (formerly kUSD), and 1 KAR now.

$SDN on Shiden

  • Brought forward: 44,652
  • Inflow: 15,971
    • Shiden dApp staking rewards: 15,971
  • Outflow: 20,000
    • Taxes and operating expenses (quarterly)
      • @tash_2s: est. < 20,000 (adjusting for the tax)
  • Sum: 40,623

$aUSD and $KAR on Karura

  • Brought forward: 10,769 aUSD, 1 KAR

Note: kUSD and aUSD have been unified, and kUSD got renamed aUSD.


Also, I propose to swap some of SDN to ASTR to diversify our portfolio while keeping connected with the ecosystem.

That was a quick overview of the quoters, and we look forward to your thoughts. Again, we’re grateful to have you with us. See you in the game! :wave:


Taxes and operating expenses (quarterly)

20,000 SDN was paid out to @tash_2s.

I propose to swap some of SDN to ASTR

33,151.438 ASTR was bought for 6,000 SDN.