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Treasury Report 2021-Q4

This is our treasury report for 2021-Q4.

In short, we now have 44652 SDN, 10769 kUSD, and 1 KAR.

This data is based on Jan 9.


$SDN on Shiden

  • Inflow: 77,289
    • Shiden dApp staking reward (developer): 76,141
    • Shiden dApp staking reward (staker): 1,148
  • Outflow: 32,637
    • Shiden dApp staking stakers bonus: 15,507
    • Swap to KAR: 4,000
    • Taxes and compensation
    • Transaction fee: 1
    • Financial: 129
  • Sum: 44,652

$KAR on Karura

  • Inflow
    • Swap from SDN: 1,735
  • Outflow
    • Swap to kUSD: 1,734
  • Sum: 1

$kUSD on Karura

  • Inflow
    • Swap from KAR: 10,769
  • Outflow: 0
  • Sum: 10,769


Many of them are mentioned in the previous report topic.

  • Shiden dApp staking stakers bonus has been finished during Nov.
  • We sent SDN to @tash_2s for the taxes and compensation on Jan 7.
    • This expense is quarterly, and we evaluate and make adjustments each time.

Our wallets with balances

Opinions or proposals for spending are welcome!

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Regarding the taxes and my compensation, it might not suffice for the taxes, so I’ll make adjustments on 2022-Q1 if needed.

My working speed limits the pace of this project since I’m the only active contributor now. :mag: To scale this project, we need to increase the number of contributors in various fields in the future. We have this treasury so that we can also reward for works. However, there isn’t much info to start contributing to this project, so it isn’t easy to join us even if they get interested. We should change that situation this year. :wink: (Though, I put focus on current coding tasks for now. :mechanical_arm:)