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Shiden smart-contract development progress update 👀

Our current focus is on releasing our game on Shiden Network, and we’ve been developing Wasm smart contracts for that. We had been quiet about the progress recently, so here I share some updates and plans.

Our ongoing milestone is to deploy our MVP on Shiden. MVP stands for “minimum viable product,” and we run our game on the real network. With this MVP, we’ll be able to play our game on Shiden as smart contracts, similar to our online PrototypeNet.

We’re now implementing Wasm contracts with ink language, and its frontend will follow. I aim to finish coding next month and deploy it on Shiden as one of the first Wasm contracts. Note that the Wasm contracts ecosystem and Shiden have been actively evolving, and we don’t know when it’ll be activated on chains, so it might be on a testnet at that time.

The next step after the MVP is to upgrade the gameplay, and we’re going to have our first game round event with SDN rewards. Afterward, we’ll continuously improve the game and experience.

Besides contracts, we have plans for our long-awaited NFTs. First, we’ll drop EMO NFTs to the participants for the previous airdrop and giveaway, early this year. These NFTs will be transferable, but it takes some more time to make them usable in gameplay. Next, we plan to distribute more NFTs to the community and fund our treasury for stable development while increasing exposure and growing this community.

That’s about it for now. Best wishes for 2022! :bamboo:

You can find the previous updates of Shiden contracts development here.

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P.S. Here is my recent build on PrototypeNet.

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Hey there @tash_2s ! Great development and only now I’m I doing a deep dive into this amazing dApp. I would love to participate more and help test. Whats the best way to follow progress and communicate? Discord or here on the Forum?

Im looking forward to the developement on Shiden and hopefully later on Astar. I also have ideas I would love to share with you (when you have time, Im sure you are really busy).

Great game!

Hi @Ramz, thank you for the kind words! :grin:

Our communication channels are Discord, this forum, and Twitter. I drop the link on Discord when I make a topic here, so you can follow us there. I’ll post progress more.

We want any kinds of participation, suggestions, etc. I’d like to know your idea! My Discord DM is also open if you prefer.

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My current task is to deploy the smart contract to live testnet, so anyone will be able to touch it. Shiden and their testnet don’t have Wasm smart-contract feature yet, so I’ll use a Rococo Canvas testnet now. After that, I’ll make a post about it and update some outdated pages and technical docs.

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