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What's Coming to Open Emoji Battler

Purpose :star2:

  • Make the game more dynamic and fun.
  • Incentivize players with play-to-earn.

Planned features :video_game:

This list is in random order, and these features will be released gradually.

  • Gameplay
    • Season EP leaderboard with reward
    • Cyclical metagame / Dynamic EMO pool
    • New EMOs and abilities
    • Custom room match
    • Winnerโ€™s reward
    • Update of graphics
  • Tutorial / Guide
  • Update of the website design

Also, Open Emoji Battler will evolve into a decentralized project step by step.

Season EP leaderboard with reward

Letโ€™s say, if the integration with Shiden works well, we can also distribute rewards of dApp staking to our players. :gem: Play and earn $SDN in a sustainable way? :thinking:

I forgot to include some ideas. :spiral_notepad:

  • EMO fusing: Merge some same EMO assets into a new stronger one.
  • Original & Replica EMO
    • Original EMO: EMO NFT
    • Replica EMO: weaker, non-transferable, in-game-only asset.

Or you can use a % of the reward to do OEB token buyback off the market to keep your community pumped and redistribute the OEB tokens to players.

when do we have new features? boss

Hi, welcome to this forum! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We donโ€™t have ETA since it makes us flexible to deliver good features. We are working hard, and each feature will be released as soon as itโ€™s ready.