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The first survey result

To consider our roadmap, we conducted a survey. Thank you to everyone who responded! The feedback is constructive and helpful. :heart_eyes_cat:

We got 23 respondents from our Twitter followers. Here is the raw response data (without Twitter usernames).

Q1. What do you value most in blockchain games?

About the whole blockchain game space, not only this game.

Q2. How would you rate Open Emoji Battler?

Q3. What do you like most about this project?


  • Simple design and smooth progress. If the content of the game is good, the graphics are irrelevant

Q4. Which of the issues below is the biggest problem for the project?

Options: visually unappealing (poor graphics), difficult to understand the project, confusing gameplay, not fun gameplay, bugs, looks like a scam (low legitimacy), slow development, lack of marketing, bad English writing, Other


  • There are strong races (attributes) and weak races (attributes), so if you manage a certain number, a strong combination will be decided. The more experience you have, the harder it is to fight freely.
  • No support for multiple languages
  • Insufficient explanation of the game
  • The gameplay was very similar to hearthstone, and I felt like it was just a game with different graphics. I think the advantage of blockchain games is that users can also benefit from the system, and the governance of tokens allows users to decide the direction of the game. It would be great if Open Emoji Battler has such a feature.
  • A bit hard to get it right but after few games its easy to get hooked on :wink:

Q5. Have you played the game (match)?

Q6. To who has played the game. What do you like and dislike about the gameplay?

  • I’ve found a winning pattern. I’m sure this will be resolved as more players join.
  • Aiming for the bonus that you can get if you arrange three in the early stage, it will be a pleasure to arrange cats and fish from the middle stage.
  • it is fun, but take long time.
  • I am a HearthStone user and I like Battlegrounds, so I like this game too!So far there are no rewards for playing, so the fact that there is no benefit to doing so is boring!
  • Need a tutorial.
  • If you have ever played a card game, you will understand the rules at a glance. It also requires thinking and is fun. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I’m not sure if there will be more users in the future. I want to play card games with many people in real time, so I’m wondering what measures the management will take to increase the number of users.
  • You need to look at the instructions carefully before playing the game, it will be more fun if you can understand the rules.
  • I thought , There was no character’s uniqueness, and the story of the character was shallow. However, the shallowness made it easy to touch the software.
  • FPS
  • Would be good if play is easier
  • I like the concept but like every project, i think there can have improvement. I’m supporting this project and i watch it closely
  • It’s deep and interesting. need music!
  • Firstly i’d like to point out thé fact that player d⁹n’t interact during thé pàrti (would bé great if ther are more interactions / more gàmes play) Secondly î think graphisme could bé improve
  • I open the game and stopped after few minutes as I had difficulties to understand
  • [translated from Japanese]
    • I thought it was an easy and interesting game, and the system was easy to understand if you have played similar games before. It would be great if the governance could adjust the balance of the game, etc.! I hope they keep up the good work on marketing!

Q7. If we hold an NFT crowdfunding, would you contribute to it?

To accelerate the development, we are thinking about getting initial funds and have our community treasury.

Q8. If you answered “Yes” on the previous question, how much are you willing to spend?

a whole number in USD

Q9. Anything else you would like to share about the project?

suggestion, feedback, etc.

  • Its confusing
  • [long response, thx!!!]
    • (NFT’s) competitive game using emoji is innovative and very interesting.
    • However, it seems to be having trouble developing. I sympathize with your distress. Developers, funding, marketing. I respect your choice not to do an easy airdrop.
    • Have you looked at the Builders Program at Shiden Network? Plasm is community driven, open source, and a hub for dapps. And there is support for Technical, Marketing, and Fundraising.
    • You can find them at Shiden Network launches Builders Program | by Simon Tan | Plasm Network | Jun, 2021 | Medium
    • Fortunately, @.shnshkw from plasm team used to develop game dapps. This may sound like an advertisement for a project I like, but it feels like fate haha.
  • I think that more people will play if I introduce some recommended strategies.
  • I would like to see rewards (such as NFTs) implemented for the top rate earners.
  • I think you should community which each languages
  • I like card games, so I would like to know more about the project, how it will be marketed and how it will attract users, so that I can decide whether to participate in the crowdfunding.
  • I would like to see a tutorial video on Youtube, etc.
  • Please spread it to Japanese people who are not good at English.
  • 100
  • need good music!
  • [translated from Japanese]
    • I didn’t understand the rules of Emoji Battler at first, but as I played, I gradually understood them and found it very interesting. It’s simple, but I found it very addictive because of the randomness. I like to play games, but they inevitably take up a lot of my time, and I end up feeling like I’ve wasted my time. So I would be very happy if there was some kind of reward system for playing the game.

Thanks again to all who participated. We got valuable data.

Here is my rough note. :spiral_notepad:

  • We got overall positive feedback because all respondents are already following this project.
    • But I’m glad to see the result.
    • There are tons of points to improve.
  • While there are many high-quality blockchain games out there, the reasons why people are interested in this project might be;
    1. we’re in the Polkadot ecosystem and
    2. the decentralization vision?
  • The difficulty in understanding the project and the gameplay is a clear problem and should be addressed soon.
    • If you’ve not played similar games, you can’t understand how to play. So we need tutorials, guide videos, strategy intro, and so on.
  • I want to update the gameplay graphics, but we should first change the top page.
    • It’s not cool now, and visitors don’t understand the project.
  • Top players should be able to get rewards (NFT/FT) through gameplay.
    • e.g., seasonal EP ranking with rewards, NFT drop, …
    • But first of all, the game needs to be interesting enough even without rewards.
      • Because “all players can earn money” is impossible in a sustainable game.
  • gameplay
    • For those who can figure out how to play, the game mechanics seem to be generally enjoyable.
      • Of course. It’s based on other fun games.
      • Players get bored after some matches because of the repeated routine, but I think that can be solved with future various updates.
        • At least I don’t need to rebuild the gameplay from scratch.
    • Also, I want to add features that utilize the blockchain.
    • The slow game progress (e.g., waiting animations) needs to be improved.
      • Shortening the game system is not easy to address, but I guess it’s acceptable if the game is fun enough.
    • It’s better to have background music and sound effects, but not sure of the priority.
  • We need user governance, and it will be the core of this project.
  • It’s better to support multi-languages in-game.
    • We can start with creating other language channels on Discord.
  • Now we should focus on developing and improving this project, and later we’ll try to acquire users.
  • Some people concern about legitimacy.
    • I don’t have a fancy profile, but we should show the team behind the project, especially if we want to raise funds.
  • We are not ready to crowdfund, but we got the price range data for future use.
  • To join a Polkadot ecosystem project and build on it is a good option for growth.
    • e.g., Plasm
  • Some are offering grants. We can on it for our initial fund?
    • e.g., w3f open grants program