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RMRK and Unique Airdrop FAQ

This is about RMRK and Unique airdrops, not about gameplay and Twitter giveaway.

“To claim, you’ll submit a remark (OEB::UNIQUEAIRDROP) transaction to Kusama” how to do this exactly?

Pressing the claim button below will do it for you.

If my Substrate Wallet qualify for both RMRK Airdrop and Unique Airdrop, does it mean I claim two preEMO?Or just one?

It means you can claim two preEMOs. Please claim from each page.

How to view the claimed ones?

We don’t have the UI to see claimed preEMOs yet, but you can check the claim on a Kusama explorer. Go to your address page, and check the latest extrinsic.
Example: https://kusama.subscan.io/extrinsic/7678801-2
You can see “OEB::RMRKAIRDROP”.

how much kusama is needed to be in the wallet to claim?

You need to have around 0.001 KSM to claim.

The claim transaction itself costs 0.00005 KSM, but to keep your Kusama address active, I recommend you to have 0.001 KSM.