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How to Play

Open Emoji Battler is a community-driven indie blockchain game. This is an open-source project and aims to be a decentralized project.

This game requires the Polkadot{.js} extension to play. Please install this extension on the latest browser and set up your account. You can also try the game without the extension, but your data will not be saved and you can’t change your deck.

If you have any issues, feel free to ask! Please create a topic on this forum or message us on Discord or Twitter.

Game Rule


The goal is to increase your EP (Emoji Power) by winning matches. In a match, four players face off in 1v1 battles. The game mechanics are based on an auto-battler game “Hearthstone Battlegrounds”. But, unlike it, this one uses the previous play data of other players, so you don’t need to wait for others.

Match Flow

  1. Select (or build) your deck.
  2. Start a match. Initial health is 30.
  3. Repeat the Shop and Battle phases.
    • Shop: Make your strong board. With coins, buy and sell EMOs, upgrade your player grade.
    • Battle: Auto-battle happens. Your EMOs automatically attack rival’s EMOs until one player has no EMOs remaining. Deal damage to rival’s health if you win.
  4. The match ends when you are the last one standing or when your health reaches 0 (retire the match).
  5. Your EP gets updated, reflecting the match rank.

What is EMO?

EMOs are emojis on the board that will fight for you. You can check the details on mouse hover.

Grade: 1 to 6
Type: Human, Nature, Food, Object


You can build decks and select one here, or just use the default deck. Decks need to have 1 EMO for each grade. The EMOs in the deck will be used in the match. Decks are saved on your browser’s local storage. Then, let’s start a match, you don’t need fees.

Shop Phase

At the beginning of the phase, you get coins. The amount of coins you have starts at 3 on the first turn, but you gain one each turn up to a maximum of eight. Coins are not conserved between turns.

In this phase, you can do the followings:

  • Use 3 coins to buy an EMO from the top line of the Catalog.
    • EMOs on Catalog are randomly selected from the pool.
    • Click the “Buy” button to select the EMO, and then choose where to set it on your board.
    • You cannot buy higher grade EMOs than your player grade.
  • Use 1 coin to proceed to the next Catalog line.
    • On the first turn, you can do this twice for free.
  • Use some coins to upgrade your player grade.
    • The amount of coins needed to upgrade is decided by the grade, and it decreases by 1 on the next turn.
  • Move EMOs on your board for free.
  • Sell your EMOs on the board for 1 coin.

You can check the status of your rivals, the matchup for the next battle is decided at this phase.

When you have three EMOs of the same emoji on your board, they will be fused into a powerful Triple EMO, and you get 4 coins.

After you finished all operations, proceed to the Battle phase.

Battle Phase

A battle automatically takes place with one of your rivals. The player with a greater number of EMOs attacks first. If the number of EMOs is equal for both players, one of the players is randomly selected to attack first. From left to right, each EMO attacks a rival’s random EMO, then repeating. The player who their all EMOs retired loses the battle. The winner deals damage to the rival’s health. The damage is the sum of the player’s grade and the total remaining EMOs’ grades on the player’s board.

After the battle, the match ends when all rivals’ healths reach 0 or your own health reaches 0. Otherwise, the turn increases and you move on to the Shop phase. Any changes to the boards during the battle will be reset.


You can check the rank of the match and the increase/decrease of your EP. If you get a low rank in a match, your EP might go down, but you can easily increase it soon, so feel free to play.

You can watch a gameplay demo video here.

About this forum

This project is going to be developed with the community. Please feel free to talk about your ideas, questions, and so on!


This game is implemented as its own blockchain, and the game logic running on the chain. (This forum is different, it’s an application running on a normal server.)

Also, as an experiment, the chain accepts PoW solutions alongside token fees, and you can play without transaction fees, while protected from spam attacks.